Bill Russo to Brief US Investors on China Auto Market Trends

New York & San Francisco, October 1-3, 2014

Bill Russo will brief institutional investors on the recent developments and trends in the China Automotive market.   Topics addressed in this customized briefing will include:

Part 1: Status of the China Auto Market
Part 2: Auto JVs in China
Part 3: Competitive Landscape of China Auto Market
Part 4: Emerging Trends of China Auto Market
Part 5: Plausible Scenarios in 2025
Part 6: Key Insights

Mr. Russo and his colleagues at Gao Feng Advisory Company are experienced experts on doing business in China, and would be happy to develop a customized briefing on the industries or topics you view as critical to your business.

For further discussion, please contact:

Bill Russo
Managing Director,
Gao Feng Advisory Company

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